Alison was looking for a high quality pack company based in the United States that was always looking to be a bit more sustainable. and Alison have worked together for years, from design work to greening the office. Osprey provides demo packs for the KEEN Rippin Chix steep skiing and biking camps. Osprey is based in Cortez, Colorado. They have many green programs, including paying their employees to ride their bikes to work!


Introducing our new partnership with Accell North America. Attendees to our camps will receive our Rippin Chix VIP Access code to receive up to 40% off a brand new bike.

At Diamondback we love bikes and everything about them.  We enjoy the fun side of bikes but we take our passion very seriously.  We never stray from innovation, and will continue to reach out to new riders by expanding and improving our product lines.  We support clean teams, bright minds, and cycling causes both big and small.
Raleigh USA is inspired by one simple idea – fun.  Raleigh offers distinctive bicycles to ride in the city, dirt, or on the road for all ages and abilities.  Based in Kent, Washington, Raleigh is a proud sponsor of smiles, families, local cycling, and the Raleigh Clement Professional Cycling Team.  Learn about Raleigh Bicycles and our 125+ year of tradition at

Accell Group is active across the world in the middle and higher segments of the markets for bicycles and bicycle parts and accessories. The company is market leader in Europe and is among the largest players in North America in terms of sales via specialist bicycle and sports retailers. Accell Group is also Europe’s market leader in electric bikes. The company’s portfolio includes strong national brands and leading international (sports) brands that together provide an extremely complete and complementary range of products for all cycling-related needs. Accell North America

EH-AG-Logo-StackedNEW2014200x200Alison found Elemental Herbs when she was on – as she was looking for a less toxic sunscreen. She was amazed to find that the FDA considers all chemicals safe until proven guilty, and that sunscreens contain chemicals that can cause cancer and cause endocrine disruption. Elemental Herbs strives to blend a formula that protects your skin, looks good, and causes the least harm. Alison also loves their All Good Lips, and uses All Good Goop daily for her garden hands and feet.


Andes Pacifico Enduro MTB 4 Stage Race.

KEEN Rippin Chix Camps partnered with the original and first Women’s Mtn Bike – Juliana Bicycles so that women could build their confidence and expand their toolboxes by riding bikes that were built for women, by women.

Learn more about why these bikes will enable you to build confidence and skills on their webpage:



Alison moved to a Ketogenic Diet (grain-free and sugar-free) to fight her brain cancer that almost killed her in 2013. A professed “clean-eater” she realized how much hidden sugar she was eating with fruits and grains, and also those “healthy” energy bars she ate while training. An alternative had to be found, so that the cancer would be starved of its favorite foods – grain and sugar, and then double punched by its least favorite food – FAT. Alison’s rock star and life-saver, Dr. Nasha Winters at recommended looking up and Superseed – and voila, a yummy alternative was discovered. As a grass-farmer of beyond-organic cattle and veggies, Alison believes the difference is what your animal, vegetable or nut “ate” that makes the difference in health or dis-ease. Cheers to conquering cancer with diet and lifestyle!



Alison teamed up with Janae Pritchett from Colorado Backcountry teaching mountain biking in Crested Butte, Colorado. Colorado Backcountry provides custom hiking and biking tours, and Janae was one of the best athletes and instructors Alison had ever worked with. Alison and Janae team up to teach most all of the KEEN Rippin Chix Bike Camps, with a special use permit from the BLM and The National Forest Service, include Crested Butte Bike Week, formerly Fat Tire Bike Week.